taking time.

Where to find the time to enjoy being a mom in the midst of school projects, dinners, laundry, work, cleaning, planning, lunches, and all the other things that moms do while still working a full time job? In the last week during the not very long car ride to work I have thought about what I would change if I could – If I had the time – the money – the light in the day – the energy. Often, I get home from work get dinner for the kiddo and find myself exhausted and still expected to make sure showers are taken, teeth are brushed and books are read in the quiet before bed. All of this has to happen in two very short hours. Two hours in which I have to not only do that, but also pack a whole days worth of mothering and loving, a whole days worth of I love you’s and a whole days worth of kiddo laughs. So, this week I contemplated, and pondered. Tomorrow, I am taking the day off work. We will be heading out to an amusement park. This weekend I plan to take time. Time to enjoy quiet moments. Time to listen to my son. Time to greet the day and lavish in it’s wonder. Time to make something with my own two hands. Time to do and be.

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